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Our rates are 55-60% of big firm rates.

Our rates are 55-60% of the rates we used to charge at “big firm” practices. We accomplish this through reduced overhead and use of technology. Most importantly, your legal costs at Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan LLP will be further reduced as compared to the big firms because we work efficiently.

First, and most importantly, we analyze your case in detail from day one and plot a strategy with you to reach your goals—whether positioning for a quick and favorable settlement or litigating to victory—in the most direct and cost-effective manner.

Second, tasks do not go through two, three or even four billers before they reach the senior lawyer in charge of your case. The work on your case is done by the lawyer in charge—once and correctly.

Third, we don’t have junior lawyers who are trained at your expense.

With regard to costs and expenses, you pay what we pay.

There are no administrative mark-ups; you pay only for out-of-pocket costs we actually incur and only the amount that we pay.

Billing is electronic and sent promptly at the end of each month.

We strive to avoid surprises. We will work with you on an agreed budget. When the unexpected occurs—and it often does in litigation – you will know immediately, not when you receive a large unexpected bill for work already done.

As a boutique firm, we are flexible and open to alternative billing and fee arrangements, designed to align our incentives with yours: to obtain the best result at a fair price.