California Supreme Court Limits Cases Against Dissolved Foreign Corporations

California allows plaintiffs to sue dissolved corporations for an indefinite period of time after their dissolution, subject only to the applicable statute of limitations.  See Cal. Corp. Code Section 2010.  Most other states, such as Delaware, place limits on how long after dissolution a corporation can be sued.  The question for dissolved foreign corporations sued in California is which rule applies?  In Greb v. Diamond Int'l Corp. (, the California Supreme Court has now resolved a dispute between Courts of Appeal and held that California will respect the rule in the state of incorporation of the dissolved corporation.  This is good news for corporations incorporated outside of California.  They can now wind up their affairs and achieve finality after a finite period of time. Perhaps even more importantly, the decision may presage a limitation of the attempts of Californa to apply its own (often more plaitiff-friendly) laws to foreign corporations.